Wow.. It’s been a while since my first post. I’ve been busy lately with assignments and lab reports. The perks of being a student I guess. Last month I had a presentation for Programmable Electronics group project. Shit happened.. I couldn’t open folders and my laptop seemed to be a bit crazy.

After going through hell for 2 days searching for the cause and solutions, I’ve found out the problem is the right ALT key on my keyboard. I’ll try to explain in the easiest way.


1) When you double click on My Computer, this window pops up.

2) When you double click on any folders, the Properties window pops up.

3) When you’re trying to type something in MS Word, but you can’t because this happen.


Alt key is physically stuck.

At first, I was not sure what is the main cause. My first assumption was some bullshit virus. I’ve tried a few anti-virus and everything looks good. I went to a few sites and forums searching for answers. To be frank, I almost gave up. I’ve even dismantle the whole keyboard. Here’s the link if you want to try. My initial plan was to disable the whole thing by disconnecting the connector to the motherboard. The only problem now is that the power button is attached to the keyboard.

Next, I came up with plan B. Disable the keyboard using software. This is how I did it.

1) Go to Device Manager

2) Click on Keyboards Properties 

3) Clink Uninstall under Driver tab

4) Restart computer

By following these steps, the keyboard supposedly will no longer function. After the restart, try to check whether your problems (symptoms above) still remain. By right, they no longer exist.

Your next problem is the keyboard. You have a few options available actually.

1) Replace keyboard with new one (maybe a bit expensive)

2) Use external keyboard (cheap but troublesome if you want it to be portable)

3) Enable your keyboard again and disable the Alt key only. (Free and easy)

I’ve chosen option no. 3. Download MapKeyboard and install the software. Disable the Alt key which is the main problem. It’s a good thing that we have two Alt keys. One is disabled, there’s still another available.

I hope this post helps anyone facing the same problem. Try not to waste your time like I did (because I couldn’t find the right source and need to use trial and error method).