Have you ever tap the wrong card at the toll booth? I’ve done it before and was pretty much mad at myself. Happened to me at the exit Sungai Besi toll after driving from Bangi. My friend gave me her card in Bangi and I placed the card in my pocket. But then forgot about it and tapped my card at the exit.

Boom!! The alarm went off. Damn. There goes RM50 (more or less). By default the system charged me the maximum amount from south bound for PLUS highway.

Luckily, there was an officer there to help me. He asked me to go to the customer service counter to claim back the refund. Unfortunately, I left my friend’s card in the car.

IMPORTANT: Bring both cards to the counter for them to check in the system. Or at least get the serial number for the card you use to enter the highway.

Because we’re in a rush, I made the refund claim later that week. Only a few customer service centres available in Klang Valley. Better check the website or call them for the nearest one.