This post might sound a bit stupid for everyone. I know drivers with or without driving license are used to using the mirror. Even as kids we tend to learn by observing others on how to do things. But sometimes, I wondered, some of my friends don’t even know when to turn their fog lamps on, what is odometer and tripmeter etc.

I don’t really blame them because the culture teaches them to be ignorant and learn what you’ve been taught. Never ask questions. Do not ever seek for answers. I’m just being paranoid. Just finished my last exam paper for today.

Back to the topic, drivers use rear view mirror to look for anything at the back of the vehicle. It may be vehicles or obstacles.

Actually, how many of drivers really know what is the function of that little piece of plastic under the mirror. I’m pretty sure less than 50% of my friends know because I have limited bright friends to be exact. Sorry guys…

I don’t really know the name of that small part although I’ve been using it quite a lot. The mirror flips up when you push it backwards and flips back to the initial position when you pull it to the front. What it is the purpose? It actually helps you to reduce glare from behind of your car when driving at night. When the mirror flips up, you will actually look into the reflection from the top of your car.

See the difference between both figure. Bear in mind this function only applies at night time. If you flip the mirror during the day, you will see nothing much but the inside of your car. Sorry I couldn’t show you a proper picture because I’m not a multitasker when driving. You can always try it yourself.

Good luck!