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Been like forever since my last post. A lot of things happened lately. Whatever happens, family comes first. Right?

Last few months, I went to my cousin’s house for a casual visit. Nothing special. Stayed there for hours. Before I went back, my relative asked me to help him change the car battery. It was my first time doing it. Although it’s not the right way, I managed to do it.

Whatever you do, when the works involve risk of injuries, please equip yourselves with protective gears. Especially, with car batteries. It can explode or even execute you. Wear rubber gloves, safety goggles, safety boots if possible.

Open the hood and have a look at your car’s battery. Make sure you know what tools you need.

The FIRST thing you need to do is remove the NEGATIVE TERMINAL shown in the image below.



The simple answer is SAFETY. Basically, the negative terminal is connected to the body and main frame of the car. By disconnecting this terminal first, you will reduce the risk of battery exploding in your face and getting yourself electrocuted. Although the voltage of the battery is low, the current rating is high. It’s enough to kill a person within seconds. After taking off the negative terminal, it’s highly recommended to cover the lugs or wrapping the conducting part with an insulator.

Next step is to remove the POSITIVE TERMINAL. Usually, this part is covered with a rubber cap. Just flip the cap, and use a common ring to loosen up the terminal.

When replacing a new battery, remember to reverse the steps. After securing the battery into place, connect the POSITIVE TERMINAL first, followed by the NEGATIVE TERMINAL.

I learned the hard way. I did the other way around and almost cause my life. Sparks were coming out and the alarm went off. Lucky for me, I knew few things about car alarm system before.

Few tips on buying new battery. It’s a lot cheaper if you buy a new one at the petrol station and replace it DIY. Calling a foreman or battery company to do if for you will cost about 25% more than the normal price because of the labour charges etc. Weekends is the worst. They will take all your money if they can. Hahahaha… So be prepared!! You’ve been warned.

Hope this post is helpful. Not much details but enough for anyone to DIY.

Till next time.