Last month I came back to KL from my hometown by flight. As it was a public holiday, none of my friends were available to fetch me from KLIA. So, I chose to use Uber.

It was quite expensive to take Uber from KLIA directly to my rented house in Equine Park, Sri Kembangan. If I’m not mistaken the fare should be RM75 (airport fixed rate). To save some money, I took a ride using ERL from KLIA to Putrajaya Sentral. The cost is only RM9.40. 

From there, I requested for an Uber ride. It wasn’t easy maybe because many drivers went back to their hometown for the festive season. 

The apps is pretty simple and user friendly. It took me about 3 minutes to understand and book a ride. I was pretty lucky to get a new Toyata Vios as my ride back home. 

There are 2 method of payments available; 1. Cash 2. Online payment (credit card/debit card)

After arriving home I received a receipt through email regarding the trip.

After each ride, passengers can rate their Uber experience. Gave him 5 stars.